Pratama Persada Airborne

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PT Pratama Persada Airborne is the leading geospatial company. Established on December 29th, 2016.
Now we have done many survey projects throughout Asia.

As a subsidiary company of PT. Survai Udara Penas (PERSERO), which runs in Geospatial, we have had a deep root regarding this field for years.
Our main focus is to provide countrywide large-scale basic geospatial information.
With our cutting-edge aerial photos and lidar instrument, Leica Terrain Mapper as well as our strength in Lidar and Aerial Photogrammetry,
PP Airborne will deliver the best standard and cost-effective service to all our customers. 

We promote a team approach and see long-lasting relationships with our business partners, privates, NGOs as well as Governments.
Our great team with varied background skills to analyze, assess, understand the data come with cutting-edge technologies to achieve the best results. 

As a growing company in this dynamic world, we keep learning to broaden our spatial knowledge to better understand what our client challenges and help them to overcome.


Vision & Mission

To become an innovative company and one step ahead to support geospatial data in line with the accelerated development in Indonesia and Asia
  • To provide reliable equipment and the state of the art technology that helps the provision of Geospatial information rapidly and accurately.
  • To prepare the experts and personnel who are professional and creative.
  • To add extra value in our spatial products and services as an innovation for making a spatial decision
  • To run the management system which assures all the works meets the standard quality and also fulfills the health and safety procedures.

Our Values

We are customer focused

We are Professional

We are Innovative

We are Transparent

We Assure Data Security

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